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  • vrijdag 9 februari 2024 15:06

Belcar Skylimit Sprintcup is mostly sold out. Thank you to all the teams for signing up this year.

As you could see on the website, the registrations this year went very smoothly. The success is so great that at this moment the races at Mettet and Zolder are full and we still have a limited number of places for the races at Spa. As you can see from the attached participation lists, we have a number of spare drivers for Mettet and Zolder. As for Circuit Zolder, we are currently discussing getting some additional cars to start of which more on this later.

A lot of payments have also already been received, for which we thank you. Normally most teams who have requested an invoice have received it from Circuit Zolder. If this has not happened yet please contact jana@skylimitevents.com. Since we want to have enough time to notify the backup drivers we would like to ask that the payments for the full season and Mettet are taken care of before February 22nd. For the other registrations further on in the year, we would like to ask that they are done 2 months before the event. That way we can always address the backup participants in time, if places become available.

We are awaiting the approved regulations of the RACB. Please find attached the preliminary regulations.

We expect the mandatory stickers to be available about 10 days before the race in Mettet, we will keep you informed about this as well. We have also not yet had confirmation of a possible pre-inspection, but we keep pushing this with the RACB.

After talking to the race director, Pascal Vanhullebusch, we will probably switch to a flying start. For a stationary start, the starting grid would not be long enough, so the last cars would be in the last chicane in both Zolder and Spa. This will be looked at per circuit and you will be informed in time.

In the next mailing we will also ask each team for a ground plan of the measurements you need in the paddock. A standard form will be sent to you at the beginning of March so that we can organize ourselves in the paddock.

If there are any questions or uncertainties, you can contact jana@skylimitevents.com.