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  • donderdag 26 oktober 2023 21:02

Victories for Steven Maris and Ruud Boffin in the final round of the Belcar Skylimit Sprint Cup 2023

Last weekend two 30 minutes sprints at Circuit Zolder were the final round of the 2023 Belcar Skylimit Sprint Cup 2023. Steven Maris was already assured of the overall title and gave it an additional shine with a victory in the first race, while the debutant former professional Ruud Boffin clinched the thrill filled final race sprint. Organiser Andy Jaenen looks back on an extremely successful final of the season in which the Belcar Skylimit Sprint Cup without a doubt established itself as the most diverse sprint championship of the Benelux!

“The weekend’s first sprint experienced a strange start, with both cars on the front row of the grid…not taking off!”, the astonished organiser Andy Jaenen commented. “Paul Lievens and Bert Van Gansen came off worst and promptly needed to throw in the towel, with the latter no longer being able to come into action in race 2. A regrettable situation, of which champion Steven Maris masterfully took advantage. Like a sly fox he slewed his way through from seventh place into the lead never to relinquish it. Ruud Boffin finished a few tenths down, but due to a penalty dropped back to the last tread of the podium, behind Michel Fernandes. As such a champion and two rookies on the podium!”

“The second sprint was marked by rain and as such the choice of tyres was of capital importance. Rain tyres proved to be the only correct option and several drivers enjoyed themselves. Maris and Boffin once again went into a duel, but this time around Boffin came out on top claiming victory in his first weekend. Once again Michael Fernandes joined them on the podium.”

“As expected, the Renault Clio drivers Wouter Manderveld and Tom Van Eenaeme went head-to-head in BSSC4, with the former driver winning the first sprint. In race 2 we also saw a nice battle between the two drivers, but it was the debutant Max Rosam who bounced back following his technical problems in race 1 to triumph in his BMW. Great to see how several fellow competitors came to his aid after race 1 to make his car battle operational again. Tom Van Eenaeme saw his lead shrink in the intermediate rankings, but finally retained a 4 points bonus to clinch the title.”

“The Renault Clio also played a leading role in BSSC3. Daniel Donkels pulled out all the stops to bring the title to his camp, but notwithstanding victory on race 1 had to settle for the title of vice-champion. On Sunday morning he kept Nick Geelen and Bram Hendrix behind him, while several hours later the same make driver Dieter Stevens claimed his first season’s victory and even held off Maxim Dirickx for second place. However, the title went to Dirk De Bock, who in the busiest class scored a sixth and seventh place.”

“BMW ruled in BSSC2, with in race 1 victory going to the re-emerging Jimmy Adriaenssens, ahead of Maciej Krolikowski and Tom Vanderheyden, with in race 2 Krolikowski’s teammate Karl Chandeck on the top tread of the podium for the first time this season, flanked by Jonathan Demoulin and Dennis Van Hal. Laurens Cloots, already champion before the weekend, was able to climb up to P4 in race 2.”

“Kristof Dingemans was no match in BSSC1, who grabbed the double. In race 1 Luc Vandenrijt and Milan Feytons joined him on the podium, while in race 2 Feytons’ teammate Lucas Wijnant claimed the silver medal, ahead of Davy Van Goethem who was able to celebrate his first ever title.”

“After this third season of the Belcar Skylimit Sprint Cup the balance sheet is extremely positive. We ended the 2022 season with 25 participants and were able to count on 45 entrants last weekend. Moreover, the atmosphere in the paddock is at its best; off the track teams help one another and on the track there is mutual respect and a good discipline. What back in 2020 – in full corona period – started out as a tentative idea of Circuit Zolder’s General Manager Harry Steegmans and myself now, after three seasons appears to be a downright hit. So, for 2024 we will not be tinkering very much with the formula, but more about that shortly … For me all that remains is to thank all participants and congratulate our various champions!”